Chiromax Chiropractic
Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Any time you use one of the submission forms on this site, the information you send is being received only by our office personnel. We do not share your information with any third party, unless specifically requested by you.

We will not use your information for any purpose other than that which was intended. For example, if you send us a general message, your email address will not be added to our newsletter mailing list. Your information is not only safe from third-party exploitation, it is safe from internal misuse as well.

From time to time, some sites employ what are known as cookies. Cookies are small text files, normally placed in a temporary folder on the site visitor’s computer in order to facilitate certain processes during a visit to a site. Currently, we do not use cookies, and there are no plans at this time to install Web applications requiring them in the future. However, should the need arise for us to use them, please rest assured that any cookies we might need to set down the road will contain no personally identifiable information, and we will update our policy in advance to reflect their use in the event this is the case.