Healthcare Tips


Losing weight is not necessarily about cutting your fat or carbohydrate levels. It is about reducing your total caloric intake while making your metabolism work for you! Try eating smaller portions every 2-3 hours, and whatever you do, don’t skip breakfast!


Recent research has shown that exercise and stretching the first thing in the morning can actually be dangerous for your back! The discs in your back are most hydrated first thing in the morning, and compression may force additional dehydration. It is best to wait at least 20-30 minutes.


Fat cannot be spot reduced! If you spend a high portion of time training your abdominal muscles, you are likely wasting your time if you do not focus on calorie restriction and a whole-body conditioning program. Remember, the more lean muscle you have, the faster you can burn fat, so make sure to include resistance training!


B-Vitamin intake can significantly affect your energy levels. If you are feeling sluggish, try to add a B-Complex to your vitamin regimen. If you already take a multiple vitamin, you will not endanger your health by adding the additional dose, as B-vitamins are water-soluble and your body will excrete any excess it does not use.


Make sure to drink enough water throughout the day! Even slight dehydration can lead to additional muscle soreness, headaches and decreased immune function. A great product recently promoted has been the “mini water cooler.” It holds exactly ½ gallon, which is the minimum for one day. Don’t forget that coffee, tea, alcohol and certain other drinks will actually cause you to lose body water.


Yet another reason to quit! You know those lovely “knots” in your muscles? They are trigger points caused by calcium, ammonia and lactic acid build-ups in the muscle tissue. Smoking will cause your blood vessels to constrict and harden, allowing the trigger points to run rampant through your body. Caffeine is also a culprit, so watch your daily intake of your favorite “pick-me-ups.”


Laughter is not necessarily the best medicine, at least in the gym. A recent study found that laughing might cause a decrease in the ability of your muscles to fully contract. So tell the guy who is always telling jokes in the gym to stop ruining your workouts! If that guy is you, then…


Your sleep position is extremely important to your spinal health. The stomach sleeping position is the worst. All other positions can be modified to be healthy for your spine. Use of multiple pillows under your head, waterbeds, or a soft mattress can be devastating. Ask the doctor what positions may be best for you, as it may depend on your current spinal condition.


Arthritis is usually NOT the cause of your pain! In most cases, arthritis is the after-effect of years of abuse and neglect of a joint’s health. While the body treats injuries or joint abnormalities with inflammation and muscle spasm, it also causes excess deposits of calcium to go on the edge of the joints in an effort to stabilize it. This causes further abnormal motion and irritation. Chiropractic care can help to restore this motion, and in most cases, slow further degeneration of the joint! Better yet, see a chiropractor to help your body to function properly before any arthritic degeneration sets in!


Fats make you skinny! Essential fatty acids or EFA’s can actually increase your body’s ability to metabolize the fat it currently has stored. EFA’s are found in fish, nuts and certain vegetables. Add a flax oil or fish oil capsule to your daily regimen to start burning more fat today!