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Chiropractic Care

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Meet the Staff:

Dr. Shelby Vojtech is a Walsh Jesuit High School graduate. She continued her education at Villanova University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania whereby she earned a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in 2006. In 2007, Dr. Shelby received a Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri.


What our patients have to say about us:

I do a lot of sitting in front of a computer, so my back and neck tend to get stiff from time to time. I also am active in sports and exercise, so I sometimes get lower back pain or spasms. Dr. Shelby has been able to keep this pain and stiffness at bay with regular chiropractic adjustments. In 2011, I had an impingement in my right shoulder that prevented me from having full range of motion and was very painful. Through Dr. Shelby’s care and the massage therapists at Chiromax Chiropractic, my shoulder is pain free, and I have full range of motion. Everyone in the office is friendly and welcoming. I am always able to get in on a timely basis, and they have made time available when I have been in great pain. My wife has also been a client for several years. I would recommend Dr. Shelby to anyone looking for good, safe, and effective chiropractic care.
— Dave (Patient)
You Made A Difference! I made the right adjustments with the help of Chiromax Chiropractic in Twinsburg. Their fresh and new approach is providing relief to my sinus and muscle pain. This has allowed me to spend more time at work, home, and on the golf coarse. Doctor Shelby has given me health and wellness that can not be found in a pill. My deepest thanks!

— John (Patient)
I have been a patient of Dr. Shelby for over two years. Dr. Shelby is unlike any chiropractor I have ever known. During that time, she has been an inspiration and an encouragement to my holistic care and individual needs as a patient. Dr. Shelby has a vast amount of knowledge about her field and is always striving to learn more so that she can offer her patients quality care. I feel that she understands the intricate and complex design of the human body. Dr. Shelby’s patients always come first and she is respectful of their time, finances, and overall treatment. I feel that anyone that decides to receive treatment with her will not be disappointed at all, but will understand why society desperately needs more doctors like her.

— Melissa (Patient)