Events 21 – Day Purification Program

Life can be clearer, brighter, and lighter as you embark on this program. It’s ..

September 11

Events Spring Detox

After several inquiries I am pleased to announce the Spring Detox with the Docs ..

March 10

Events Nestle Health and Wellness Expo (Solon, OH) 

Event:  Nestle Corporate Health and Wellness Expo, 5/31/2016  Event Description: ..

April 29

Events Habitat for Humanity

Since the grand opening of Chiromax, Dr. Shelby and her staff have been passionate ..

October 23

Events Open for Business

Chiromax celebrated its grand opening Friday, Oct. 4 at its Town Centre location. ..

October 04

Events Back to School

Back to school will mean back problems for thousands of students. The problem? ..

August 21